Instructor Bio's

 ARI LEVITT, MD (Seattle, WA):

An incredibly versatile dancer & world-class instructor, Ari is well-known for his fun, energetic, and delightful classes that can't help but inspire students with a love and passion for dance.  He has been teaching and performing nationally, and internationally for over 25 years; is the co-founder and director of "Waltz Week in Vienna", "New Zealand Dance Adventure", "Heart Sound Fusion", "Waltz Fest NW", "Dance-Cruise Adventures", "Hawaii Dance Adventure",  & the "Mexico Dance Retreat"; and is one of this country's leading innovators and instructors in the areas of cross-step waltz, as well as "fusion" -style blues, waltz, swing, & night club 2-step.


When not dancing, Ari is a physician on faculty at Singularity University's prestigious "Exponential Medicine", and is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of "Experiential Wellness Medicine" which, among other things, uses dance movement, technique, & connection as a modality for diagnosing and treating patients, and as a greater rubric for motivating healthy behavior & finding balance and joy in life.   You can learn more about Ari



Alyssa will be partnering with Ari at this years Harrison Hot Springs retreat.  Alyssa’s passion for dance has developed through performing, learning, competing, and teaching partner and solo dance for over 20 years.  Her multifaceted experience includes extensive training and national awards in ballroom dance, additional work in hip hop, swing, jazz, and blues, as well as dabbling in many other styles.  She especially enjoys the creative expression that comes from combining these varied dance forms in fusion dancing. 

When not on the dance floor, Alyssa is working towards discovering new cures for widespread neglected diseases at the Infectious Disease Research Institute of Seattle.

SHARON SEBO (Kelowna, B.C.):

Sharon is based in the Okanagan, B.C., and has been bringing her unique blend of technique and enthusiasm to the Kelowna dance world since 1998.  Her breadth of experience is extensive, & while she has been dubbed the “Mother of Argentine Tango” in Kelowna, Sharon is also spear-heading the Lindy movement there, and anchors (pun intended) Kelowna’s West Coast Swing community.  For the last 10 years, teaching dance has been Sharon’s primary occupation (if you don’t count parenting!). Sharon offers classes in not only Tango and Swing, but also Country, Salsa, and Ballroom and Latin.  She is a member of both Kelowna’s Ballroom society, and the Canadian Dancesport Federation. Sharon also loves Fusion and Blues, and is looking that direction for her next adventure in her Okanagan home (so many dances, so little time!)

Sharon joyfully teaches group and private lessons, does workshops and demonstrations, and hosts social dances and weekend workshops,(including the one of a kind, all-genres, Okanagan Dancefest)

You can learn more about Sharon at: www.sharonsebodance.com

PHIL LEGER (Kelowna, B.C.):

Phil will bring his talents to the dance floor as Sharon's teaching partner for the weekend, and is excited to be attending the Dance & Spa Retreat with you for the second time!

          With a basic grounding in a large number of dance styles, Phil‘s dancing is always innovative. Not only is he a creative dancer, but he also brings a professional DJ’s appreciation of music to his dancing (Phil is the DJ and host for many of Sharon dances and workshops).  Although he’s done a bit of ballroom in his day, Phil’s current focus is largely West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, and Hustle.  He is a consummate entertainer and all-genres social dancer, so be sure to grab a dance when you see him!